Take 8 tips for editing: Make pro-looking videos with your phone

 Make pro-looking home videos with just your phone: 8 tips for filming and editing

Are you investing great efforts in making videos but still ending up with the same old blurred version? If yes, then continue scrolling the page and get a rundown of 8 simple tips to make videos like a pro. 

Creating awesome-looking videos at home is the dream of many, but only fewer people succeed. It’s never been easier to shoot a pro-looking video, even if you have a professional video maker camera and all other equipment.

 If you have ever tried this and failed badly, then fret not as we have got your back. Here is the list of 8 effective tips for filming and editing to make home videos look professional. Let’s take a look!!

1. What kind of video you are looking for

The first and foremost step to make your video worth clicking is to determine what exactly you want your video to be. Look, if you have no story in mind, then there is no point in capturing shots and recording anything.

Decide the content first, whether you are looking for an educational video, or a cooking one, or a workout thing, or about the games or anything. Never begin the process of video making until and unless you don’t have dedicated content in mind.

Once you have come up with an idea, shoot your video accordingly and edit the content that you are actually for. You can choose different video editors which are available in the market. Keeping a video specific to the topic can save lots of time and effort that can be invested in its editing or publishing.

2. Set your phone in a right position

No matter how professional your device is, all efforts will go in vain if the position of the cam is not accurate. Before capturing anything, it is essential to set your phone properly and record the stunning videos right from the comfort of your home.

 People usually overlook this important step and start making the videos without checking the device’s location. Depending on your story or content, you can easily shoot video from above, below, and eye-level.

3. Keep your videos short and crisp

Frankly speaking, nobody has enough time to view your endless shots and behind-the-scenes things. Therefore, you are suggested to stick to your content and keep your videos short and crisp.

 While it is simple to stand in front of the camera and create a five-minute video, you will understand that it’s way too long to remain engaging when you replay the same. Try to create a 15 to 20 seconds video and then check how a short video looks like when you view it back.

 Bear in mind the fact that overshooting the video makes it pointless and mundane. Hence, keeping videos small adds a professional feel to the same and makes it pro-looking.

4. Play with angles

Filming video from a single point makes it boring and, therefore, tries to play with different angles of the video maker and add a more cinematic feel. Sprinkle a dash of excitement by using the zoom-in and zoom-out features or reshoot certain things from multiple angles and combine them.

 This not just makes your video looking professional but captures the moments more excitingly. These are little things but can create a massive difference overall. However, you need to make sure shots from different angles work together and accentuate the look and feel of the video.

5. Check the resolution

The next important thing to keep in mind while making a video is to check the resolution of your phone and keep it according to your requirements. One can simply go for the full HD (1080p) resolution to create a clearer video.
However, if your phone has great storage, you can ramp it up to 4K and come up with some of the best shots.

6. Make use of different camera tools

Smartphones are decked up with tons of camera features that can make your video exciting and add a professional touch to the same in just one click. These tools include time-lapse, portrait mode, slow motion, and many more to count.

 Time-lapse is the most effective way to fit the long sequence to make the video more interesting.
Similarly, the slow-mo effect makes the time slow down and infuses a different feel to the video. Get the video maker that boasts all these features and create a masterpiece right from your zone.

7. Don’t miss the audio quality

Imagine you have clicked the video with excellent image quality and a distorted sound? Would you like to watch it again? The answer is NO.

Keep in mind that superior-quality video and clear audio go hand in hand and, therefore, you cannot miss out on this important factor while creating content. To deal with this issue, you can either turn off the background noise or shoot the video at a place with minimum disturbance. 

In addition to this, you can invest in good quality microphones and improve the sound quality on the go.

8. Focus on the stability of your phone

Who on this planet loves to watch the shaky footage? Video making is not a cakewalk, and not everyone can perform this task well. Therefore, it is advised to ensure the stability of the phone before you start recording anything. You can either turn the stability mode on while capturing the video or purchase the camera stand to hold the device steady throughout the process.

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