Star7 Live  Android World TV Channel Download last vertion

Hello everyone, I have something new for you on Android today with a new extension. This is the application Star7 Live TV, an application for free TV channels. But also many other things, documentary, cartoons and so much more, so enjoy it. The quality of the links is therefore in very good quality, and of course everything is free so share.
The new update for the application of Star7 live to with the playback mode

In the new update to the app star7 live You must know the registration site from here.For a username and password in order to run the application
You will not need an e-mail to register. You have to check the CAPTCHA code and you will get a valid username and password for 7 Days

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The star7 live application contains many packages for TV channels, the most important of which are the sports channels between Sport and all channels between, in addition to the Arab countries section, which number 650 Arab channels, including OSN channels, news and documentary channels, movie channels and other satellite channels on the Nilesat satellite. On international packages such as French, Turkish, Croatian, Brazilian, Indian and more international packages, all of these channels are well divided and appear clearly on the elegant application interface, and the most important thing that distinguishes the star7 live application is the stability of the server, so that it is possible to watch without cutting and without any defect with high resolution of the image

Donload New update  Star7 live

The channels that star7 live contains

Arab channels, numbering 650 channels.
There are 156 Turkish channels
Portuguese channels, numbering 101.
Kurdish channels numbered 82 channels.
Iranian channels, numbering 78 channels.
Swedish channels, numbering 66 channels.
Brazilian channels, numbering 101.
There are 58 Danish channels.
There are 84 Indian channels.
Russian channels, numbering 73 channels.
There are 44 Greek channels.
Romanian channels, numbering 197.
128 Bulgarian channels.
Polish channels numbering 166 channels.

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This type of iptv application may stop at any moment or be changed to fully paid, currently it is a free application and you do not need a paid subscription in order to watch.


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